Areas of Emphasis


1.    Community Development & Economic Management—To maintain, protect, enhance and improve the quality and character of our communities by improving the condition, appearance and maintenance and economic viability of our neighborhoods, as well as increasing community awareness and advocacy for inclusion and involvement in the planning and provision of community services, as well as the enforcement of governmental ordinances, regulations, codes designed to protect the quality of life in our communities.       

2.    Education-- To raise community awareness and parent engagement in the decisions made and the programs offered through our public school system; promote the development, coordination and strengthening of educational, recreational and cultural programs offered by public and private entities to support our youth; and promote the development of youth involvement and parent awareness and participation in strategies that will help to promote a safe neighborhood environment for our youth.       

3.     Health & Environment—To promote a safe, clean, healthy environment in Southeast Queens through raising community awareness and understanding about environmental impacts and health linkages in our communities, promotion of environmental education, as well as the establishment of an environmental monitoring and advocacy program for the protection of the environment and the enforcement of environmental justice policies.

4.     Parks and Open Space—To develop, enhance and increase public awareness and usage of our parks, playgrounds and other recreational facilities by continuing our preservation initiatives in Idlewild Park Preserve and our other ecologically sensitive natural resources, advocating for the preservation and enhancement of our member civic neighborhood parks and the few open spaces that remain in our neighborhoods, as well as fostering and advocating for the development of recreational and community programs to meet the needs of our communities.

5.     Safety--To promote safe, secure neighborhood environments by advocating for the increase of services of the NYPD in the form of a new precinct in Community Board 13, the heightening of community awareness, vigilance and involvement, as well as through the use of more effective police protection and crime prevention strategies in Southeast Queens.