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A Community Roundtable

The Eastern Queens Alliance Roundtable is a forum for community leaders of civic associations, community/neighborhood organizations, block associations, community representatives, officials, etc. to come together to explore and identify viable approaches and solutions to common problems and concerns that cut across neighborhood boundaries in Southeast Queens. Initially, the four broad areas of interest identified and on which we focused were: Community Preservation, Land Use, Education, Youth and Culture; Environment and Health.

On June 4, 2005, the Alliance sponsored a Legislative Breakfast to present the fruit of a year and a half of Roundtable discussions, including the first-ever Landuse Summit of Southeast Queens.  At the Legislative Breakfast, the Alliance rolled out its white paper entitled "A Comprehensive Plan--Maximizing Quality of Life in Southeast Queens." This document has become the guiding  star of Alliance activities and projects. EQA is now in the process of strategizing and securing commitments from appropriate agencies and elected officials to bring about the implementation of recommendations outlined in the whitepaper.

Future roundtables are hosted by the Program Committee of the Alliance. Interested in attending such roundtables? Please email us your contact informationat: roundtable@easternqueensalliance.org.

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Community Outreach

Quotable Quotes

“We need stronger local communities and an improved local quality of life. Streets where parents feel safe to let their children walk to school. Where people want to use the parks. Where graffiti, vandalism, litter and dereliction is not tolerated. Where the environment in which we live fosters rather than alienates a sense of local community and mutual responsibility.”
Prime Minister, Croydon, April 2001

“Quality of life is the product of the interplay among social, health, economic and environmental conditions which affect human and social development.”
    Working Paper No. 11: Quality of Life

Whitepaper: Areas of Concern:
Economic, Political, Social, and Cultural Environment
Crowding, Aesthetics, Zoning and Control
Infrastructure, Public Safety and Group Residential Facilities
Environmental Justice
Environment and Health
Open Space, Parks and Recreation

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