Eastern Queens Alliance--A Brief History



To unify, organize, mobilize and utilize the talents and potentials of all of the residents, civics, neighborhood associations, businesses, clergy and service providers in the area in order to bring about self-determination by acting in concert on mutual concerns and issues; to use the instruments of power to maintain, preserve, and develop the economic, political, social, moral and cultural stability of the communities within the area; to maintain, stabilize, develop and improve the area's physical environment; to monitor, urge and support the improved delivery of services by the Community Board, elected officials  and all city, state and Federal agencies that make decisions which impact upon the lives of those residing in the area.

The Eastern Queens Alliance, Inc.  (EQA) is a federation of civic associations in Southeast Queens that grew approximately twenty years ago out of the germination of an idea that neighborhood organizations should unite to address issues and find solutions that cut across community boundaries within Southeast Queens. The communities presently served are Brookville, Laurelton, Rosedale,  Springfield Gardens and Queens Village. Sitting on the Alliance are the presidents and vice presidents (or other representatives) of member civics from these areas as well as EQA selected persons with expertise in particular fields. Most of these members have been working as grass roots activists in their respective communities for a number of years.

For the past five years, one of the main projects that the Alliance has been working on is the preservation and restoration of the wetlands in Idlewild Park Preserve,, and to establish an Idlewild Park Salt Marsh Environmental Science Learning Center through which environmental education will be provided to children and families of the community at large.

In addition, EQA is concerned about preserving open space, and the prevention of further encroachment by airport-related services and other industrial uses in our residential areas. This is closely related to the whole issue of air and water quality and the increase in the incidence of asthma across our communities.

Some of the other issues that the Alliance has on its agenda are environmental justice, violence prevention, school safety, community preservation through effective urban planning and  land use, clear definition and enforcement of fair-share rules to ensure the preservation of neighborhood quality/character all with a view toward increasing quality of life in Southeast Queens.

In all of these efforts EQA reaches out to the community to identify problems, educate, heighten awareness, mobilize energies, and generate community involvement in developing solutions. To accomplish its goals and objectives it works with other organizations—both public and private and it seeks the support of government agencies and elected officials where appropriate.